Some Summer Sewing

I am getting read to go visit my sister and her daughters soon, so I have been busy making some more iphone6 wristlets and pillowcases for them.

I just thought I would pop into this blog and post a few pictures of my latest creations.

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More Christmas Gift Sewing

It’s almost Christmas.  The time flies so fast!

Last year, I made the ladies on my list an iPhone wristlet.   Not all of them have iPhones, but they work just as well for other types of phones.

These were requested again this year.  We all just love these little purses.  They are the perfect size for taking shopping, or just about anywhere.  They are just big enough to carry your phone, a few cards, a little cash, and a couple of miscellaneous sundries like a lip balm or car keys.

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A little Christmas sewing

Several years ago, I made some crazy quilted stockings for my sister’s grandchildren.    This last year, she had another grandchild, so she asked me to make one for the new baby. I had long lost the pattern, so I had to “wing it”.

To attempt to recreate it, I used the shape of this pattern from “sewlikemymom” and I altered the shape of the bottom of the foot to give it a little more curve.  I also, of course, modified the toe shape to make the point toe.   I just printed out the above linked pattern, and then with a pencil drew the shape for the toe until I was happy with it.

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Tote Bags

My sister’s birthday is coming up.  So along with a whole bunch of soap, bath bombs and other sundries, she will be getting a new tote bag.

But I can’t make one just for her…. she has 2 daughters.  They also get one each.  Another gift to my sister is that she gets to pick which one she wants and then give the others to her daughters.  (She loves having first pick). Continue reading

A Little “Necessity” Sewing

With all of the electronic devices and associated cords we have been accumulating, things were getting out of control around here.    It was time for a little “necessity sewing” this weekend.

I have made these cord ties many times before but never posted them.  I use them for everything.  I have one on my iron, sewing machines, stick blender,  computers (of course) and just about anywhere I have a cord.  Today I made a few more and they turned out pretty cute, so I thought I might put them out there.

This is such a simple and quick sewing project.  If you can sew a straight line, you can do this.  It’s a great way to showcase cute fabrics, use up scraps and they don’t have to be perfect because nobody looks that closely at cord ties.  They also make great gifts.  It took me all of 2 hours, including clean-up, to make all of these plus a few more.  (I made 6 small and 6 large). Continue reading