Weeknight “Diet” Meal – Torta Bread Sloppy Joes with Side Salad

One of our new favorite weeknight meals is really just a recipe basic, which has been given some new life by swapping out white bread hamburger buns with Costco torta breads.   This bread is much denser than white hamburger buns and makes a stable “base” for the juicy meat sauce. (Note: We are not on a low-carb diet, just reduced calorie).

I added  a couple of new ingredients to the meat sauce to add more depth to the flavor.   Some of the spices are not entirely necessary if you are looking to simplify or just don’t have something on-hand –I doubt you would miss them too much — but they do add layers of complexity to the overall flavor.  It seems like a “grown up” version of sloppy joes.

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Italian Subs (Hoagies, Grinders) (Buccilli’s Pizzeria Type)

I used to live “up north” in Michigan.   The town I lived in had a restaurant which served the most amazing submarine sandwiches — and they delivered!  I enjoyed many a late night Italian submarine sandwich, but since I moved away (a long time ago now), I have not found another that I liked as well.

Necessity is the mother of invention, or something like that…. so here is my knock-off version.

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