Made another pair. I’m on a roll!

I am having too much fun making myself socks.   The pair I made last night I wore all day today and my feet stayed toasty warm!   I’m loving them.  So I decided to make myself a few pairs in different colored yarns.

Tonight I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Dark Green for the heels & toes and Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Colors in the “Madrigal” color way.   I like how the colors go from red to purple to blue, to green, to yellow, to orange, and back to red again.  Very pretty.

This yarn is acrylic, so these are machine washable and should be somewhat durable. They should not shrink at all.

I used the same pattern I posted last night HERE.

Note:  A PDF of this pattern is also available on Ravelry >>HERE Continue reading

Machine Knit Mid-Gauge Worsted Boot Socks Free Pattern

Below is a free pattern I am sharing for making a pair of worsted weight boot socks.  They are machine knit using a Silver Reed LK-150 but you can probably use any bulky or mid-gauge machine.  If using a bulky, you may want to cast on a few less stitches so the size turns out right.

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Machine Knit “Lenny Ray” Bed Socks

My husband loves is bed socks so much, and I am having so much fun making them, that I whipped up a new “recipe” for them over the weekend.  It’s largely the same as the previous socks I posted, but this time they are ribbed and a bit more colorful.

He loves colorful, while I more of a “subtle” and “earth tone” person.  He is on a tropical kick and loves rock-a-billy music (he’s a musician and artist), so they fit his personality perfectly. Continue reading

Colorful Bed Socks (Machine Knit)

I have been having fun knitting some colorful bed socks for my husband.   He seems to enjoy them, and they make a good project for a Saturday afternoon for me.

I used my sock recipe that I previously posted, but I put about 20 rows of latch ribbing at the top.

The other alteration to the pattern that I did was that I decreased the stitch size by 1 setting on the toes, heels and ribbing.

Other than those changes, it is the same pattern, same # of cast on stitches and same yarn.

They are bright neon green and bright hot pink.  For some reason they photographed without the neon-ness and look darker than they really are.

More Machine Knit Men’s Bed Socks

Last weekend I made my husband some bed socks using my Silver Reed LK-150 knitting machine.  I had made  him 2 pairs — one with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Sport — One with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Worsted.

He told me he preferred the sport-weight socks as they were a bit lighter.  So this weekend, we made a trip to Hobby lobby to pick up some more sport weight yarn and I made him another pair.

He thinks they look like “hunting camp” socks.  I think they look “Camo”.  Either way, he is pleased with them and I am as well. Continue reading