Some Summer Sewing

I am getting read to go visit my sister and her daughters soon, so I have been busy making some more iphone6 wristlets and pillowcases for them.

I just thought I would pop into this blog and post a few pictures of my latest creations.

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More Christmas Gift Sewing

It’s almost Christmas.  The time flies so fast!

Last year, I made the ladies on my list an iPhone wristlet.   Not all of them have iPhones, but they work just as well for other types of phones.

These were requested again this year.  We all just love these little purses.  They are the perfect size for taking shopping, or just about anywhere.  They are just big enough to carry your phone, a few cards, a little cash, and a couple of miscellaneous sundries like a lip balm or car keys.

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Tote Bags

My sister’s birthday is coming up.  So along with a whole bunch of soap, bath bombs and other sundries, she will be getting a new tote bag.

But I can’t make one just for her…. she has 2 daughters.  They also get one each.  Another gift to my sister is that she gets to pick which one she wants and then give the others to her daughters.  (She loves having first pick). Continue reading

Purse Round-Up

While browsing through my photo library, I came across some of the purses I have made.   Looking back at them, some of them were clearly early efforts and others came later after I got some experience.  It’s interesting to look back and see your improvements!

I started out using patterns.  Some patterns were from the Internet and others from McCalls, Simplicity and Vogue.

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Iphone 6 Wristlet

I got an iPhone 6 Plus for work.  Sometimes I have to carry my phone around with me while I am out and about.  I wanted a cute wristlet that would fit my iPhone but was something less than a full purse.  I also wanted it to have room for some money and drivers license, credit cards, etc.

Using my handbag experience, I did a few mock-ups and settled on this “recipe”.  It was kind of addicting making these with different outer/inner color combinations, so now I have a wardrobe of them.    Well… I am not complaining.  They are pretty and handy.

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