Men’s Bracelet

My husband, Len, has been delving into a new hobby lately.   He is doing leather work, but also incorporating some beading and making himself some bracelets and necklaces.

Yesterday we were at Michaels and they had their beads strands on sale.  They were 3 for the price of 1!  (67% off!).  So he stocked up on some beads (therefore I am expecting to see more bracelets from him soon!).

The bracelet he made tonight is particularly good, and since he is not a blogger, I said “I’m blogging that!”.    Continue reading

Favorite Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends


This past year I picked up an aromatherapy diffuser.
The first one I bought was a “Now Foods” diffuser.  It worked OK but I soon outgrew it and I wanted one that had an on/off feature that cycles automatically.   It also did not have a very large water capacity so you had to fill it more often.

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