Finished All The Christmas Bracelets for the Kids

My husband, Len, decided this year to make some bracelets for all our little great-nieces and nephews, as well for his friends’ daughters.   He has been picking away at them for the past week, getting the all designed and strung.

He finally finished all of them, so I thought I would post the final pictures. Continue reading


“Frappuccino” Protein Smoothie

My husband and I have recently purchased an Apple Watch and joined up to “MyFitnessPal” in an attempt to get into better shape.    It has been an eye-opening experience as we have, over the past month, re-evaluated pretty much everything we have been eating and have been making adjustments for a healthier lifestyle.

I mean – I guess I knew that “grilled cheese sandwiches” were not a health-food, but I didn’t realize just how evil they were until I  entered a “recipe” into Myfitnesspal and evaluated the nutrients and calories.   Good Lord!

Even the greek yogurt smoothie I was making on a daily basis had to be cut (too many calories and sugar).  Our love of comfort food has taken a back-seat to better choices. Continue reading