Made another pair. I’m on a roll!

I am having too much fun making myself socks.   The pair I made last night I wore all day today and my feet stayed toasty warm!   I’m loving them.  So I decided to make myself a few pairs in different colored yarns.

Tonight I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Dark Green for the heels & toes and Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Colors in the “Madrigal” color way.   I like how the colors go from red to purple to blue, to green, to yellow, to orange, and back to red again.  Very pretty.

This yarn is acrylic, so these are machine washable and should be somewhat durable. They should not shrink at all.

I used the same pattern I posted last night HERE.

Note:  A PDF of this pattern is also available on Ravelry >>HEREThe size in the pattern fits a ladies size 9, but they are purposefully made a little bit big because I like to wear them over my other socks as slippers.     If you wanted to make them smaller, just cast on from 16L to 16R instead of 18L to 18R (or more needles if you want them bigger).  You can also adjust the amount of rows that make up the foot section.   Instead of knitting 32 rows, for example, you could knit 30 rows to go down a size.

The socks are mid-calf in length, but you could adjust that as well by doing more or less rows in the cuff section of the pattern.

It takes about an hour per sock to make these.  Maybe an hour and half if you go slow or have to fix any dropped stitches or knots.  They work up very quickly so you can easily get a pair of socks in just a few hours.