More Christmas Gift Sewing

It’s almost Christmas.  The time flies so fast!

Last year, I made the ladies on my list an iPhone wristlet.   Not all of them have iPhones, but they work just as well for other types of phones.

These were requested again this year.  We all just love these little purses.  They are the perfect size for taking shopping, or just about anywhere.  They are just big enough to carry your phone, a few cards, a little cash, and a couple of miscellaneous sundries like a lip balm or car keys.

With Christmas creeping up, I forced myself to go sew a few last weekend.   I normally enjoy sewing, but there was no snow outside and I just like it a lot more when it is snowing.   It seems so cozy in my little sewing room, looking out the window and watching it snow.    But I am getting off topic.


These make quick little proejcts (about an hour per bag, maybe 2 hours if you go slow).  Sewing the zipper takes the longest time. They only take a little less than 1/2 yard of exterior and interior fabric, so they are pretty inexpensive, especially if you already have some small pieces of fusible fleece left over from previous projects.


I posted the pattern previously HERE.   This time I used the 9.5″ width measurement instead of the 10″.  I find this a better size.


I found some cute little charms at Hobby Lobby with initials on them, and added them to the purses this year.   I think they are cute.



I made 3 little wristlet bags this time for my sister and nieces.



Here they are with interior photos too