A little Christmas sewing

Several years ago, I made some crazy quilted stockings for my sister’s grandchildren.    This last year, she had another grandchild, so she asked me to make one for the new baby. I had long lost the pattern, so I had to “wing it”.

To attempt to recreate it, I used the shape of this pattern from “sewlikemymom” and I altered the shape of the bottom of the foot to give it a little more curve.  I also, of course, modified the toe shape to make the point toe.   I just printed out the above linked pattern, and then with a pencil drew the shape for the toe until I was happy with it.

Here is one of the stockings I made several years ago (pattern lost to the ages).


Here is the new one I made yesterday for the new baby.


Those are just 2.5″ strips of fabric I had left over from the stockings I made for my niece last year.

I strip quilted the vertical pieces together and then fused them to some fusible fleece which I had cut out into my pattern shape.  Then I trimmed around and added the red piece for the toe.

I added a loop hanger which was cut 4″ x 3″ and then ironed in half long-ways and in half again (to make an enclosed bias tape).  Then added that to the back of one of the outer stocking pieces.

Then I just repeated these steps (minus the hanger piece) for the lining, with a single (non quilted) piece of fabric.  I did not do the shape of the toe for the lining, I just made the lining using the stocking pattern, but then I cut off the toe and made it more of a “bag”.

I sewed the pieces together with right sides facing.  And the same for the lining.   Insert the stocking inside the lining so that right sides are together, and sew around the top.  Then I closed the hole in the bottom of the lining.

The embroidery piece was done on a larger piece of fabric (to fit into a 4×4 baby lock hoop.  Then I cut that down so that it was a 2.5″ strip with the embroidery centered on it.   I used that piece when I was assembling the strip quilting.

The red piece you see on the cuff is just the lining, turned up a little bit and then top stitched around.

I think it turned out very cute.  I am happy with it,  and I am sure the new grand baby will get many years of use out of it at his “mimi’s house”.