Men’s Bracelet

My husband, Len, has been delving into a new hobby lately.   He is doing leather work, but also incorporating some beading and making himself some bracelets and necklaces.

Yesterday we were at Michaels and they had their beads strands on sale.  They were 3 for the price of 1!  (67% off!).  So he stocked up on some beads (therefore I am expecting to see more bracelets from him soon!).

The bracelet he made tonight is particularly good, and since he is not a blogger, I said “I’m blogging that!”.   



  • (18) Dyed Agate Beads
  • (3) Black Lava Beads  (note:  There is a waxy coating on these, so if you wanted to use them for aromatherapy, you would have to sand off the waxed coating first, but then they could be doused with essential oils for aromatherapy).
  •  (2) Metal Beads
  • Beadalon Elasticity Stretch Cord (.032 in)  (cut just a little bit smaller than the circumference of his wrist).




He made the bracelet, so I am paraphrasing, but he just laid out the beads on his bead board and strung them up using the elastic cording.  He did say that he started with one of the metal beads because at the end, when it came time to tie off the cord, the knot gets hidden in the metal bead, whereas on the other beads the hole is too small to hide the knot.


He tied the knot using a granny knot first and then did the knot shown on the back of the cord package.  He said he used a pair of hemostats to help hold the cord as he tied it.




And here he is modeling the bracelet:



I thought it turned out great.  One of his best yet!