Tote Bags

My sister’s birthday is coming up.  So along with a whole bunch of soap, bath bombs and other sundries, she will be getting a new tote bag.

But I can’t make one just for her…. she has 2 daughters.  They also get one each.  Another gift to my sister is that she gets to pick which one she wants and then give the others to her daughters.  (She loves having first pick).

Last weekend and this weekend, I have been making some tote bags.  I am not going to post the pattern as there really isn’t one.   I just use a variety of techniques that I learned along the way.

These totes feature 3 inset pockets (1 on outside, 2 on inside).    They also have side pockets on the inside on both sides of bottom of the bag.   I did not put a zipper, but since they are just totes and not purses, I put magnetic snaps.

I started out on a bad foot by not purchasing enough fabric.  I meant to purchase 1.5 yards of the bottom contrast color and have the lining match the contrast on the outside.   I only bought 1/2 yard though for some reason.   Luckily I had some other fabric around that I had bought for another project that matched each bag pretty well.

My heart just wasn’t that into sewing this time.   It is so hot outside, and although I am inside in the air conditioning, for some reason the heat still saps my creativity and energy.  I am much more “into it” in the fall and winter.   But my sisters birthday is in August, so….although not my best work, they still turned out pretty nice and I am sure they will all be well-loved.