My (temporary) knitting space

Usually my knitting machines are upstairs in a spare bedroom / sewing room.

With 2 knitting machines set up and a table also for sewing, (not to mention it is the smallest room in the house), I don’t always care for knitting in there if I am going to be doing a lot of knitting.

Luckily I have a strong husband who is willing to carry a desk and chair downstairs for me and put up with my cluttering up the family room for a short time.  I usually do this when I have a lot of knitting to do, or if the weather is snowy outside, since I have a large picture window to look out of.

IKnitSetup1t’s so much more convenient for me to knit downstairs. I can let the dogs outside and supervise them.  I can cook dinner or do other chores while I am knitting.  I am close to the refrigerator so I can refill my iced-tea.    I don’t have to climb up and down the stairs a gajillion times a day.  (ok, I am just lazy I guess).
Anyhow, since I have been on a knitting spree with my bed socks, baby items and will soon be making some dog blankets, I moved downstairs temporarily.


Unfortunately, it won’t be forever, but I did enjoy it very much yesterday when it was snowing like crazy out side. Since it is April, it will be a long time before that happens again.



I have a TV in front of the fireplace.   Who wants to look at a “black hole”?  Not me.  I have a few shows I like to cycle through.  I am waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones, so until that happens, I am watching my other shows.  I just finished up a “Vikings” marathon and now  I am on to a “Deadwood” binge.  Next is “True Blood”.  Hopefully by then Game of Thrones will be on.