Machine Knit Gathered Baby Hat

My niece is due with her baby in a few weeks, and she is SO excited.   I have been knitting furiously trying to get her gifts finished so I can send them out on time.

I made the baby cocoons and matching hats for them (separate post), but had some yarn left over.  I decided to have some fun and do some experimentation.   This is one of the results:

Gathered  Baby Hat

Mast Tension 5 / Stitch Dial 4
Yarn:  Baby Bee Sweet Delight
Machine:  Silver Reed LK-150 or any Mid-Gauge machine
  • CO 52, skipping every 4th needle.  You should have banks of 3 needles in work)
  • Knit a couple rows and hang weights
  • Knit total of 20 rows and then hang hem.
Hat body
  • Change to stitch dial 5
  • Reset Counter
  • Knit 1 row and then bring all needles into work (so the ones you initially left out while casting, on bring them in)
  • K 24 rows   (about 1/2 way up, knit in some alternate color stripes if you wish)
Eyelets for i-cord tie
  • Transfer every 4th needle to the needle at the right of it.
  • take empty needles out of work
  • Knit 1 row
  • Bring needles back in to work
  • Knit between 10 and 20 rows depending on how tall you want the gathered top of the hat to be.
  • Cast off.
  • Fold in half /sew up side seams
  • Reduce stitch size to 4
  • Cast on 4 needles with e-wrap.
  • Set carriage so that the back lever on one side is pulled forward, and the front lever on the other side is pushed back
  • Knit back and forth until about 5-6” long.
  • Move outer needles to the inner 2 needles.  Manually knit row.
  • Decrease so there is one stitch left.
  • Cast off.
Starting at the front of the hat (the seam is in the back), weave into eyelet holes on hat
(Weave from right side of fabric to back side, around.)   You will end with 2 ends of the tie hanging out the front of the hat.
Gather and tie into a bow.