Machine Knit Tuck Stitch Baby Cocoon

This is another of the baby cocoons I knitted this weekend.  This one is done in mock rib and tuck stitch.

My niece picked baby blue, lime green and gray for her colors for her son who is due in April.  So I whipped up this little cocoon using my favorite tuck stitch.


Machine Knit Tuck Stitch Baby Cocoon

Machine: Silver Reed LK-150 (or any mid-gauge machine)

Yarn:  Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Sweet Delights (Baby Blue, Lime Green, Light Gray) – 1 skein of blue and a small amount of the others.

Mast Tension: 5 / Stitch Dial 5


  • Pull 60 needles to hold.
  • Push back (out of work) every 4th needle. (3 in hold, 1 out of work) all the way across. (30 L to 30 R)
  • This will create a “mock rib”
  • Cast on the needles in hold with e-wrap (30 L to 30 R)

Side 1: Mock Rib Cuff:

  • Knit 2 rows and hang cast on comb / weight
  • Knit to row 10 in stockinette – it will be in mock rib due to the needles you pushed out of work.

Side 1: Tuck Stitch:

  • Imagine your needles in banks of 3.
  • (Like this:  xxx|000|xxx|000|xxx|000|xxx|000|xxx)
  • In my example, there are the X stitch groups and the O stitch groups.  The | is the stitch that is out of work (for the mock rib)
  • You will alternate between the X and O banks of stitches by pulling the MIDDLE needle of each group into hold on alternate passes.
  • For the first row, pull the middle stitch of each X group of stitches to hold.
  • Set carriage to not knit the needles which are in hold.
  • Knit 3 rows.
  • On the 4th pass, you will put your carriage back to knit all stitches.
  • Then you will pull the middle needle of each O stitch group to hold.
  • Set carriage to not knit needles which are in hold.
  • Knit 3 rows
  • On the 4th pass, you will put your carriage back to knit all stitches.
  • Keep alternating like this between the X and O stitch groups until you get to row 50.

Side 1 – Stripes

  • At row 50 change colors (green) – repeat the pattern for the tuck for 12 rows (3 tuck patterns)
  • Change to gray yarn. – repeat the pattern for 8 rows (2 tuck patterns)
  • Then change back to green and repeat the 12 green rows.
  • Change back to blue and knit in tuck to row 134.

Short Rows

  • Change Stitch dial to 4
  • Short row across the whole width (divide # needles in work by 3 – short row until 1/3 of the stitches are in work and 2/3 are in hold).
  • Then reverse short row until all  stitches are back in work.  (you will still have some needles out of work in your mock rib pattern)
  • Change Stitch dial back to 5

Side 2:  

  • Reset Counter to 0
  • Repeat tuck pattern in blue to row 52
  • Repeat Green & Gray stripes in pattern as for side 1
  • Change back to blue and repeat tuck pattern for 40 rows
  • Counter will say 124
  • Knit back and forth in stockinette/ Mock Rib for 10 rows
  • Cast off


  • Mattress stitch sides together.
  • Crochet 1 or 2 rows of single crochet around top.