Machine Knit Cabled Baby Cocoon

I spent this weekend reacquainting myself with my Silver Reed LK-150 knitting machine.

I had taken a year off since I have been so busy and obsessed with learning to make soap.   But I have made SOOO much soap lately, I needed to take a little break and get back to knitting.

My niece is expecting a little boy in April, so I thought I might try to make some of those popular baby cocoons.

The LK-150 is a mid-gauge knitting machine.  This means the you can knit “hand-knitting” yarns in sport and worsted weights.  

My niece has chosen baby blue, bright green and gray as her colors for her new baby, so I picked up some Hobby Lobby “Baby Bee” yarn in these colors.

This pattern is for the cabled version shown in the picture on this page.  I made a couple of others which I will also post the patterns for once I get them typed up.  I haven’t washed or blocked them yet so the stitches still look a little bit “wonky” but once washed and dried, they will all settle into place.  It is acrylic yarn, so it is very easy to tame.

This baby cocoon is approximately 16″ wide by approximately 20″ tall.  It is for a newborn and is not intended to be pulled up to the neck, but only to the chest (while leaving some “leg room” for kicking little feet).

It is for use only when fully supervised so the baby does not get tangled up in it.

It is cabled only on one side so as not to be “lumpy” on the back-side when the baby is using it.


Skills needed:  Drop Latch Purl ribbing, 3×3 cable, short rowing

(if you don’t know how to do them, go to YouTube and search for Robert Rose Kelly.   She has some great videos where you can learn how to drop-latch purl, make cables and short rows.)

Machine Knit Cabled Baby Cocoon

  • Machine:  Silver Reed LK-150 or any Mid-Guage knitting machine.
  • Yarn:  Baby Bee Sweet Delight – Light Gray – 1 Skein
  • Mast Tension:5  / Stitch Dial: 4

Side 1 – Ribbing

  • Cast on 60 stitches (30L to 30R) with e-wrap.
  • Knit 2 rows and insert a life-line.
  • Hang cast on comb / weight
  • Knit to row 16
  • Create 3×1 rib across the entire width (down to the lifeline inserted at row 2) (you will have to remove and re-place the cast on comb when done)

Side 1 – Cabling

  • Change stitch dial on the carriage to 5
  • Knit 4 rows
  • To the left and right of the 10 mark on both sides of 0 you will be creating a 3×3 cable.
  • After creating both cables, knit 6 rows.
  • Keep knitting 6 rows and creating cables, stopping every 20 rows or so to drop the 2 stitches on the left and right of each cable to drop latch them up into purl stitches.
  • When you reach row 104, stop cabling.

 Bottom of Cocoon:

  • Now you will do the short rows for the bottom of the sack.
  • Change stitch dial on carriage to 4.
  • Across the entire width, short row until there are  16 in hold / 22 in the middle / 16 on hold.
  • Then reverse short row until all needles are back in work.
  • When done short rowing, reset counter to 0

Side 2 -Plain Knitting

  • Reset carriage stitch dial to 5.
  • Knit stockinette until 88 rows.
  • At row 88, insert a lifeline.

Side 2 – Ribbing

  • Change carriage stitch dial to 4.
  • Knit 14 rows and then repeat the 3×1 ribbing with the drop-latch tool.
  • Knit 2 rows and cast off.


  • Join sides using mattress stitch.
  • If desired, crochet one row of single crochet to tidy up the top of the ribbing.