More Machine Knit Men’s Bed Socks

Last weekend I made my husband some bed socks using my Silver Reed LK-150 knitting machine.  I had made  him 2 pairs — one with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Sport — One with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Worsted.

He told me he preferred the sport-weight socks as they were a bit lighter.  So this weekend, we made a trip to Hobby lobby to pick up some more sport weight yarn and I made him another pair.

He thinks they look like “hunting camp” socks.  I think they look “Camo”.  Either way, he is pleased with them and I am as well.

This time I changed the yarn after the heel rather than carrying the heel color for a few more rows.   I also put 10 rows of 2×2 rib at the top.

I am getting better as seaming and at the kitchener stitch.

I am going to make him a few more pairs so he has some spares.  I am not sure how the sport weight yarn will hold up, so at least if he has lots of pairs, it will keep him in bed socks for a while.