Quilt Round-Up Part Two

My previous post was getting kind of image heavy so I split this post into two parts.

Part one included some of my very early attempts at quilting.   Part Two are more recent, and include some of the quilts I made for me and my hubby.


Hubby Quilt & Old style pillow cover:


Set of Twin Quilts for the guest room:


Lap Quilt for the couch:


King Sized Mod Quilt:




Stained Glass Quilt for Hubby:

Lens quilt 4x6


Recent Quilts for my Sister, Nieces, and their kids:

Baby Quilts:

Que Sera Sera Quilt: (for my niece)


DayDream Quilt: (for my other niece)


Pretty Maids All in a Row Quilt: (for my sister)


Overture Quilt: (For my son’s girlfriend)


Time and Tide Quilt (for my Mother in Law)