Purse Round-Up

While browsing through my photo library, I came across some of the purses I have made.   Looking back at them, some of them were clearly early efforts and others came later after I got some experience.  It’s interesting to look back and see your improvements!

I started out using patterns.  Some patterns were from the Internet and others from McCalls, Simplicity and Vogue.

This one (below) was a pattern from vogue.  I made it with some silky pink and tan fabrics and did a “crazy quilt” construction.  I put some beads around the top.  It had an inset zipper.  I only have one photo of it, when I gifted it to my niece.  I made a similar one with Purple silky fabrics which also turned out great (but sadly, I have no pictures).


This one (below) was a McCalls pattern.   Same with the purse accessories.  I had actually made a couple of these for different people, but this is the only photo I have.   I had, at the time, a Brother PE-150 embroidery machine.    The purse has outer pockets kind of like the front of blue jeans.    I think this turned out great!

Purse Denim MariePurse Denim MarieAccessories

Then I did a couple of Lazy Girl Designs Gracie Bags

Purse Lazygirl Gracie 2Purse Lazygirl Gracie

And I tried a few of the trendy (at the time) Internet patterns:

Purse Hand Dyed

After that, I had the hang of making bags, so I just started free-forming with no pattern:

I made a couple out of Metallic Batiks:

Purse Batik Book BagPurse Batik

A few from some cute canvas fabrics:


A couple from hand-dyed fabrics I made:

Purse handdyed2

And a few others:


And then I did a couple of bags inspired by watching Sewing with Nancy.  I put some letter beads on them.  One is “Sassy” and one is “Naughty”

Purse NaughtyPurse Naughty 2Purse Sassy 2Purse Sassy

Some of the bags have zipper closures, some have magnetic snaps, and some are just open at the top.    All have linings with pockets.  Sometimes I put a zippered pocket on one side and some open pockets on the other.

More recently, I notice quite a few pictures missing from some bags I did recently, but last summer I made some cute drawstring bags for the kids:

Boy Drawstring Bag 2Boy Drawstring bagGirl Drawstring Bag 2Girl Drawstring Bag

And I did some “Jelly Roll” laptop bags and cases:

Laptop Bag and Case

Sometimes, if I am feeling like doing more, I make some little fabric flower pins to go on them.

Fabric Flower Pin

I usually make some Lazy Girl Designs Wonder Wallets to go with the purses:

Wonder Wallets2Wonder Wallets1

I love sewing “small projects” because let’s face it, there is not always time or energy enough to go around.   The purses and wallets are the perfect Saturday afternoon projects and my family loves receiving them.  They don’t take much fabric or much energy to sew and it is always fun to see them come together.

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