30Jan16 – What I Did with my Weekend – New EuroPillow Shams

I got a bonus this weekend.  I thought I was going to have to work, but then we got done on Friday night, so I ended up free this Saturday.  Woo Hoo!

Not one to waste such an opportunity, I grabbed the fabric I bought a few weeks ago and made some Euro Pillow Shams for my guest bedroom.

Previously we just had some Bed Bath & Beyond plain dark brown covers on the pillows.  They were nice but they didn’t WOW me.

I used this pattern from stonegableblog.  It was a simple project and I got both pillow shams done in 3 hours, start to finish.


The fabric was $12.99 per yard and I needed only 2 yards to get both pillows.  The Tommy Bahama shams that went with this quilt were $50 each.  So for half the price of one Tommy Bahama sham, I got two shams.


I usually buy the “bargain” fabric in the home-dec section of my local fabric store.  That fabric only costs $3.97 per yard.  However, I really liked this fabric so I splurged.    Had I chose the $3.97 per yard fabric, I could have had both shams for $8.     (actually, I did do that for my master bedroom).


The trade-off is that the pillowcase pieces should really be 29″x29″ but due to the width of this fabric, you can only get 27″x27″ so they are a little small.  They still work, but are extra plump.

I suppose you could do your cutting layout differently and buy a little more fabric, but I am lazy and this worked just fine.

My pieces ended up being (fronts) 27X27 and (backs) 20X27.  They overlap on the back quite a bit, but you can see in the above picture that at least the pillow isn’t popping out of the back.

It also looks like 2 aren’t going to be enough.  I am going to go back and get more fabric and make another pillow for the middle so the bed has 3.   2 looks too sparse.  There is a gap in the middle of the two of them.

Not to bad for a Saturday I didn’t think I was going to get!