Machine Knit Tuck Stitch Loop

I have a couple of knitting machines that I got a couple of years ago. One of them is a Silver Reed LK-150.    It is a plastic bed, 150 needle, pretty basic machine but it makes such beautiful, hand-knit looking items.    It is also the easiest machine I have. The others are all fussy and complain a lot.  This machine just works every time.  Hard to complain about that.

IMG_1276_medium2I was just doing a little practicing and  I cast on about 90 stitches.

I did a 4 row tuck on every 4th stitch in a column all the way up the piece. I m
ade it about 50” long and grafted the ends together (no tw
st – it is not an infinity loop).

It turned out interesting. Before it was IMG_1231_medium2blocked, the tuck stitches made a texture that
resembled little bubbles.

It did shrink quite a bit but was still wearable by my skinny niece as either a cowl or shoulder loop.