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I got an iPhone 6 Plus for work.  Sometimes I have to carry my phone around with me while I am out and about.  I wanted a cute wristlet that would fit my iPhone but was something less than a full purse.  I also wanted it to have room for some money and drivers license, credit cards, etc.

Using my handbag experience, I did a few mock-ups and settled on this “recipe”.  It was kind of addicting making these with different outer/inner color combinations, so now I have a wardrobe of them.    Well… I am not complaining.  They are pretty and handy.

Cutting and Fabric Requirements
Cell Phone Purse

  • 2 outer pieces 6 x 10”  (or 9.5”)
  • 2 inner lining pieces 5.5 x 10”  (or 9.5”)
  • 2 inner lining pocket pieces 7 x 10”  (or 9.5”)
  • 1 piece approx 18” x 3” for strap
  • 2 pieces approx 3” x 1 “ for zip tabs
  • 1 piece approx 4” x 3” for side loop
  • 2 pieces 6 x 10 “ fusible fleece (to fuse to outer pieces)  (or 9.5”)
  • 2 pieces 3.5 x 10 “ fusible fleece  (to fuse to inner pocket pieces   (or 9.5”)

Apply the Fleece:Cell Phone Purse 2

  • Fuse the fleece to the two outer 6×10 pieces
  • Fold the 7×10 pieces in half into 3.5 x 10 pieces and sandwich the 3.5×10 fleece in the middle of each piece


Construct the handle:

  • Fold the 18×3”  pieces in half long-ways and iron  (Straps & tab).   Fold edges to the middle crease and iron.   Fold in 1/2 and iron.  You should have something that resembles bias tape, but a little wider.
  • Sew down the long edge, leaving 1″ unsewn on each end.
  • Thread a swivel clip on the strip.
  • Put unsewn ends right sides together and sew 1/4″ seam.  Press open seam.
  • Fold in on the ironed-in lines so you have a proper loop and sew the remaining edge of the fabric.
  • you should now have a handle threaded with a swivel clip.
  • Put aside.

Construct the tab / loop:

  • Using the instructions for the handle, do the same for the 4×3 piece of fabric, only go ahead and sew down the long edge from end to end.  No need to join the ends.

Assemble the Lining:

  • Take the 3.5×10″ pieces (with the fleece sandwich) and sew the top edge 1/4”.  (Bottom edge should be raw edges.  You sew the part where the fabric is folded in half) (you are just top stitching the top of the pocket piece.)
  • Then sew these to the 5.5×10  lining pieces.
  • Measure and mark your pocket dividers.
    • The iPhone pocket needs to be at least 6″ and each credit card divider needs to be about 2.5.  I got one iPhone pocket on one side of the purse and 3 credit card dividers on the other side.
  • Sew in lines where you want pockets to be. (you are sewing the lining and pocket pieces tighter at the lines you marked in the previous step and contracting the pockets.
  • You should now have a purse lining which has pockets on both sides.

Make the Zipper Tabs:

  • The zipper needs to be at least  7” long. Shorten zipper if necessary.
  • Take the 3×1″ pieces and sew to ends of zipper.
  • Flip up and topsitch across the end where it joins the zipper.
  • Trim off any excess so that zipper just fits across top of purse (10″ total)

Add the Zipper:

  • The zipper goes face down on the right side of the outer piece.  Then lining is layered over with right sides facing to the outer piece.
  • Sew zipper to outer piece sandwiched with lining piece.  Center on fabric.
  • Repeat for other side.
  •  When both sides are sewn down, iron and topstitch next to zipper through the outer and lining on each side of purse.

Sew the Bag Together:

This tutorial over at “Noodlehead” shows how to layer the fabric.

  • Attach the tab/loop to the “right” side of the purse outer.  Baste in place about 1″ down from zipper.
  • Pin both sides of lining together and both sides of outer pieces together.
    • Make sure zipper is 1/2 open.
  • Sew around.
  • When you get to zipper tabs, aim them down toward the lining and sew through.
  • Leave opening to turn at bottom of lining.
  • Turn right side out and poke the corners out.
  • Sew closed the hole you left for turning the bag right side out.
  • Clip the handle onto the tab/loop.

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